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Quest Nutrition Protein Bar


Grenade Carb Killa


Box size 12 Box size 12
Bar size 60g Bar size 60g
Number of flavours 19 Number of flavours 9
Reference flavour Cookies & Cream Reference flavour Peanut Nutter
Protein type Whey Isolate Protein type Milk
Labdoor Score 85.5 Labdoor Score

Cost Analysis

Box price $24.99 Box price $29.49
Price per bar $2.08 Price per bar $2.46
Price per 20g protein $1.98 Price per 20g protein $2.34

Athelete Guidance

Informed Sport Informed Sport
Informed Choice Informed Choice

Nutrient Breakdown

Calories 200kcal Calories 220kcal
Protein per serving 21g Protein per serving 21g
Total Fat 8g Total Fat 9g
Saturated 2g Saturated 3.5g
Total Carbohydrates 21g Total Carbohydrates 22g
Of which sugars 1g Of which sugars 2g
Dietary Fiber 15g Dietary Fiber 7g
Sodium 280mg Sodium 135mg
Cholesterol 5mg Cholesterol 5mg
Calcium Calcium
Potassium Potassium 75mg
Gluten free Gluten free

/20g Protein Analysis

Calories/20g Protein 253.4kcal Calories/20g Protein 205kcal
Fat/20g Protein 10.6g Fat/20g Protein 8.8g
Carbs/20g Protein 18g Carbs/20g Protein 10.4g
Sugar/20g Protein 4g Sugar/20g Protein 1.8g

/1g Protein Analysis

Calories/gram Protein 12.67kcal Calories/gram Protein 10.25kcal
Fat/gram Protein 0.53g Fat/gram Protein 0.44g
Carbs/gram Protein 0.90g Carbs/gram Protein 0.52g
Sugar/gram Protein 0.20g Sugar/gram Protein 0.09g

Nutrient Analysis

% Protein 34.09% % Protein 36.36%
% Fat 18.18% % Fat 16%
% Carbs 30.68% % Carbs 18.73%
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